GSoC 2018: Generate LinuxMain file / Compiler integration with external tools

Hi fellow Swift developers :v:

I'm a 20 year old Software Engineering student at the newly founded CODE University in Berlin and a Swift / iOS developer since 2014.

I can especially relate to the LinuxMain issue where devs almost all the time forget to edit it accordingly to their updated test suites. Because of that I'd love to work on this proposed idea during my summer break (01.05 - 31.08) together with @Aciid to improve working with Linux-supporting SPM projects.

I'm also very interested in the proposed "Swift compiler integration with external tools" project mentored by @rintaro as I'm planning to focus on a compiler-based project during my next semester after the summer break. With this idea I could already build up knowledge about compilers so that I can look into it even further back at the uni.

I'm looking forward to discussing the ideas with you and hopefully working on one of those projects in Summer. Also, if you have any suggestions for the application process or questions about my prior knowledge I'd highly apriciate your comments and thoughts.

Cheers :bird: