GRDB on macOS Big Sur Xcode 12


Have you had a chance to look at Big Sur using Xcode 12 any? If so what do you think the effort will be to support this. Will it be mostly compiling your code with the new swift compiler?


Hello @Eagle442BR

I personally have a MacBook Pro with a bad keyboard running Catalina, and could check that GRDB 5 beta compiles fine with Xcode 12 betas. So no, no Big Sur news on my side.

All I can say is that GRDB will run on Big Sur. I maintain this library since Swift 2, there is no reason it should stop, if this is your question. However I don't think I'll have a Apple-silicon mac anytime soon. I hope some contributors will perform some checks and help fixing eventual issues.

And you? Did you have a look?

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Yes, I have Big Sur with Xcode 12 as well as Xcode 11 and a MacBook with Catalina and Xcode 11..the 2 apps I am working on work fine in both environments.

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