Got my first Mac, where to go next?


As I had posted earlier i will be buying a Mac soon, I have got my first Mac today, its a 21.5 inch 4k , 3.4 Ghz, 1 TB fusion drive with 8GB RAM and 4 GB VRAM....

I have also. installed Xcode latest...

Can you please guide me where to go next , I know I need to learn swift, are there any great free resources as for some time I will not be able to take benefit of any paid content ....

I also read that React Native is the new thing and it can make hybrid apps but I still invested in iMac and now looking to work on iOs exclusively, Kindly guide in this regard as well ...


Amit Shrivastava

I suggest checking out first. I know that and have lots of good stuff. I know there are others but those are the ones that usually have tutorials for my needs.


Stanford University has an excellent Programming Course for iOS. It is in iTunesU on the iPad and can be found in various places on the internet. It assumes Object Oriented Programming experience.


@Braden_Scothern - thanks, I am looking at the documentation, also does the books from raywenderlich worth the investment , it has books on swift and iOs ...

@The_Mad_Scientist - thanks, I have some experience on javascript functional programming but not in OOP, will I still be able to enrol for. the course ...

Amit Shrivastava

I haven’t ever looked at the book. I have just used the online tutorials from time to time.

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Braden_Scothern - thanks , I will now just go through the documentation and then the 2 sites you have mentioned.

Amit Shrivastava

The instructor does not recommend it. You don't have to enroll. All the videos and material are just available in iTunesU. The class is cs193p at Stanford.

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@The_Mad_Scientist @Braden_Scothern - hi, I was just making my very first program and to my surprise when I was trying to write multiline print statement --

**import** UIKit

*// This is a single line comment*


*This is a multiple comment*



Hello there

how are you


when I had not used """ which I did not know I had to , and I was just using single quote , my Xcode kept crashing, is this normal, or is this a bug Kindly guide , never faced any such issue in such an early stage in coding in any other language ...

Amit Shrivastava

If you are using Playgrounds... then I'm sorry to say that it does not surprise me that it crashed. The Playgrounds are a major disappointment for many of us when it comes to experimenting swift ideas. However you can also use the terminal and run swift from the command line which is far more robust but has a less eye candy user interface.


@Orion98mc - thanks, yes you are absolutely correct I was using playground as it was what the tutorial started at the site, its just my first few hours with swift , hope to learn more ...

Amit Shrivastava

Your name suggests that you’re from India, and if so, I’d recommend joining the Swift India Slack. There are lots of folks with various amounts of experience there, and they also organise meet-ups in a few cities.


@HarshilShah - thanks, yes I am from Indore , I have joined the slack group

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