Github Issues may go stale

There are currently 45 issues unresolved on swift-docc github issue and 8 issues unresolved on swift-markdown.

Should we add some priority label to each issue. And try our best to solve the most in a given time (by swift-documentation-workground member and community volunteers).
(eg. P0 - 7 Day, P1 - 2 Week, P2 - 2 Month, P3 - 6 Month)

Some issue seems important but since a long time no discuss on it, it may become stale and the context will lose.

Also if a problem has not been followed up for 10 weeks, can we consider closing it first? If we don't do this, I'm afraid we will be submerged in the sea of problems and have no priority.

Hi Kyle, thanks for bringing this up!

I think one thing that would be beneficial to keep track of more urgent work would be to:

  1. Create a "regression" label that tracks issues for things that worked in a previous commit but that don't anymore.
  2. Use the Milestones feature of GitHub to assign issues and pull requests to releases, e.g., Swift 5.7. That way we can raise the priority of a bug by assigning it to the milestone.

I'm not a huge fan of this style of labels with time estimates because contributors work on different schedules and it's hard to judge when an issue will be addressed.

I personally think it's fine to keep issues open, for example for longer-term features. That being said, going through older issues to see what isn't applicable anymore would be beneficial, e.g., using a created:<2022-01-01 state:open query. I think categorizing issues into milestones would help with this.


Got it.

The regression label is a great suggestion.

For some urgen issue, maybe we should consider adding it to to swift 5.7+1 milestones so that we'll more likely solve it when swift 5.7+1 landed.

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I created a Swift 5.7 milestone in the swift-docc and swift-markdown repos, so we can start using those.

I see yes, sort of like a "Next Swift Release" milestone for issues we'd like to resolve for the next release but that are too risky to land in 5.7? Then when the next release gets announced, we would just rename the milestone to its name.


I thought 5.7 is almost closed and the merge condition is rather high(Only accept very high priority thing such as safty issue).

If that's not the case, we can indeed include most of the small changes to Swift-5.7 milestones to track the currently working issue.

Swift 5.7 Release Process

It depends how risky the fix is and what impact it would bring :)