Generated Xcode project does not compile

After updating to latest master, I observe that the generated Xcode project does not compile anymore:

<Path>/Projects/sourcekit-lsp/.build/checkouts/swift-llbuild-0f2964f9/include/llvm/Support/Debug.h:99:9: 'DEBUG' macro redefined
<Path>/Projects/sourcekit-lsp/.build/checkouts/swift-llbuild-0f2964f9/include/llvm/Support/COFF.h:547:5: Expected identifier

I think this started to happen after the SwiftPM dependency was upgraded.

@Aciid I see you added some llbuild paths to the xcconfig override in the SwiftPM bootstrap here:

Does that look like the same issue? Is there a way to use this from sourcekit-lsp (or any other project that uses libSwiftPM)?

Main SwiftPM links to llbuild a bit differently which is why those overrides are required. It should work out of the box for you, can you file a JIRA?

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FYI: Here is my workaround