Formalizing a Numerical/ML Working Group

While I personally don't feel qualified enough to take part, I want to point out that for someone in Europe, 8 pm US central time is in the middle of the night. :slightly_smiling_face:

@aj_ortiz @philipturner

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Then what about 9 AM Pacific Time on Saturday morning? That will keep it as close to the original S4TF team’s meeting schedule as possible, still being sort of symbolic.

@aj_ortiz +1 on what you said regarding the similarity between numerical computing and ML. I want to add that Swift AutoDiff has allowed things like “Deep Physics” at PassiveLogic that blur the line between numerical computing and ML. Also, both TF and Torch have both linear algebra and machine learning modules, and even S4TF has some linear algebra operators. So the two fields are very intertwined in practice.

Also since ML is just gradient descent optimization, it could be considered a subset of numerical computing. And our community might already be so small that splintering it up into two work groups might destroy our effectiveness at doing things.

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May I suggest the use of to schedule the meeting? With this app, one can create a set of time slots and then people can signal the time slots that work better for them. With this information in hand, it's much easier to find a date and time that works best for most of the group.

Doodle is paid with a free trial, so we would only be able to use it for scheduling the first meeting. After that, the trial would expire and we could no longer easily use it.

I was thinking about using it as token for all meetings. I don't think we should do this dance for every meeting. It's best to settle on a week day and time and stick to it. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Also, we can use any other free/open source tool for that, if it exists. Maybe this forum itself has some form of poll where users can vote?

If we can narrow it down sufficiently on this thread, it may be easier to just voice our needs with comments instead of moving to another platform. For starters, we could narrow it down to weekends. Monday-Friday is already going to have more scheduling conflicts than weekends. It has a narrower window of time for most people (late afternoon - evening) which stretches thin across all world time zones. While with weekends, we have all day. Secondly, we could make a window of time based on our geographical base to include as many people as possible. For example, we could fit a time that's early in the morning for the US West Coast and late in the evening for India.

If we agreed on the two points above, then the possible meeting times would be in a narrow enough range to decide on this thread. Alternatively, we could use Google Sheets to present all possible times to meet and collectively narrow it down. Although then, it's a security risk because anyone on the internet can edit the document and mess with it. If you have to sign up or be invited to edit, that creates a barrier to entry for someone wishing to edit it.

Edit: even commenting on a Google Doc or similar could still introduce an opportunity for spamming.

@s-k You're right.

@Paulo_Faria I like that idea, there's a poll mechanism on the forums.

I'll set the following time slots to 9AM West Coast for all days of the week and everyone may have up to 3 choices just so that people that have a more malleable schedule can portray that. If there are any other times when the community might feel comfortable to meet up, I'll add them to the poll.

  • Monday 9AM (PDT)
  • Tuesday 9AM (PDT)
  • Wednesday 9AM (PDT)
  • Thursday 9AM (PDT)
  • Friday 9AM (PDT)
  • Saturday 9AM (PDT)
  • Sunday 9AM (PDT)

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Has any meeting occurred? If not should we follow through with next Saturday?

cc @philipturner

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No meeting has occurred. I think Saturday, June 4 at 9 AM PDT would be the best time for our meeting. I'm just waiting to see what @aj_ortiz says.

All in :+1:


I'll make the official declaration for clarity and formality. To everybody on this thread, @aj_ortiz plans to host a virtual meeting on Saturday, June 4 at 9 AM PDT. We will discuss using Swift for numerical computing and machine learning. All of you are invited.

  • It's been 14 months since we started the "post"-S4TF chatter and asked for a real working group. Congratulations to ourselves for finally pulling it off.

What video link do we plan on using for tomorrow?

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Topic: Numerics WG Meetup
Time: Jun 4, 2022 11:00 AM America/Guayaquil

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 865 2727 6061
Passcode: 5Px1Kw


I cant make it today unfortunately. Will there be notes posted afterwards? Hope to see you guys next edition in any case!

It's 5 minutes in and it still says "Waiting for the host to start this meeting". Just want to make sure the meeting is still on today.

Yes, I'm waiting too

Same here.

I'll start a new meeting Launch Meeting - Zoom

@rex-remind you just posted a link to download the Zoom app.

nevermind it works now

I've joined @rex-remind's Zoom link. I'm going to wait a few more minutes before starting so that everybody who wants to join can.