Fork swift-syntax, swift build the Example package and got handful of warning

warning: 'expansion(of:providingMembersOf:in:)' is deprecated: Use expansion(of:providingMembersOf:conformingTo:in: return try expansion(of: node, providingMembersOf: declaration, in: context)


swift-syntax/Examples/Sources/MacroExamples/Playground/MemberAttributeMacrosPlayground.swift:47:24: warning: 'x' is deprecated: hands off my data _ = OldStorage(x: 5).x
are these normal, to be fixed?

and after build, there is nothing inside .build/debug

where is the executable?

What platform are you building on? The example macros are currently disabled everywhere but macOS, as they were only enabled for the other platforms in the last month or so. @compnerd submitted a pull enabling them everywhere a couple weeks ago, apply that patch locally and rebuild if you're not on macOS.

I just run swift build. Does this not build for macOS? How to specify compile for Mac?

I was actually planning to fix this today anyway. Here’s the PR: Throw an error if types conforming to `MemberMacro` implement no `expansion` method by ahoppen · Pull Request #2319 · apple/swift-syntax · GitHub