For loop

I'm a beginner for coding with swift. My first loop ist like:
let getraenke = ["Wasser" : 6, "Cola" : 1, "Orangensaft" : 3]

**for** (getraenke, bewertung) **in** getraenke {

print("\(getraenke) hat die Bewertung \(bewertung)")


The result ist **Cola hat die Bewertung 1**

**Wasser hat die Bewertung 6**

**Orangensaft hat die Bewertung 3**

Can you tell me why "Wasser" is not on the first line in results? Thank you for your answer

Hi @crea1453,

A dictionary does not store its elements in a fixed order. Therefore, you cannot rely on the order of the elements being the same as in your declaration.

If you want to print a dictionary in a fixed order, you can for example, sort the keys alphabetically:

for key in getraenke.keys.sorted() {
    print("\(key) hat die Bewertung \(getraenke[key]!)")

But if ordering is really important to you, you should prefer an array over a dictionary, as an array does store its elements in a fixed order.

Both types of collections just make different trade-offs of features vs performance of certain operations.

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