Final swift-5.0-branch re-branched from master on Nov 16th 2018

(Mishal Shah) #1

We have re-branched swift-5.0-branch from master on Swift repository
( and we merged stable branch into swift-5.0-branch on swift-lldb ( on Nov 16th, 2018.

For more detail about the Swift 5.0 Release Process check out blog post.

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(Nicole Jacque) #2

From this point onwards, the Swift 5 release will be only taking select changes in order to begin converging on a stable release candidate.

If you have changes you want considered for the Swift 5 release, you must first land the change on master, and then create a PR cherry-picking the change to the swift-5.0-branch. In the PR, you should be sure to call out any impact the change may have on the ABI, and then request a review from @apple/swift-5-branch-managers. (This is a group of people designated by the release manager (Ted Kremenek) to review PRs during the stabilization period.)

(Michael Gottesman) #3

Will there be a post stabilization period with a different cherry picking policy? Or is this stabilization period permanent?

Just asking because the prose here seems to imply that the stabilization period ends at some point, but the policy at that point in time is not explicit. Or am I reading this wrong?

(Erica Sadun) #4

Do we have a firm date yet as to when Swift 5 will be released? Thanks!