Final by default for classes and methods

I think what this discussion has people on two sides of this argument. Rather than arguing the pros and cons of both approaches, we have needless absolutism and tribalism of “Obj-C Fearmongerers” and “Fearlessly Embrace The New” tribes.

The real questions revolve around:
1. Which has more benefits?
2. Which has less negatives?

I have pointed out that it will be a significant limitation in comparison to how we develop frameworks currently with Objective-C. Are those limitations worth the benefits? That’s something to discuss, and perhaps only time will tell as Swift frameworks develop over the next few years.

I wonder if we can tone down the rhetoric about “fearmongerers” (many of us are only expressing concerns, which is the point of this discussion), and what constitutes an “open mind” (I’m open to the benefits and negatives of both, and actually support sealed as a concept).