Filtered home page per account

Hello there, is it possible to allow a custom filter per account for the home page?

For instance I would like to view only the latest topics of #evolution category (or maybe only pitches of that category).

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You can mute categories and tags (dropdown in the top right on the category/tag page). This will remove them from Latest (this does not hide topics you are tracking bc you have spent some time in them etc.).

It’s not quite optimal though, as it will also (I think) disable notifications for @-mentions in posts in that category.

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Yeah I’m aware of that, that’s why I want to avoid that and would wish a little better solution for the general issue.

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@Nicole_Jacque @sam.saffron is this possible? Now that we’re adding a new category with a bunch of sub-categories the information flood becomes enormous and it makes it hard to stay focused on a specific set of categories and sub-categories.

You can change your notifications to mute categories you don’t care about and they won’t show on the front page.

I did pretty much this. Totally recommended ;)

Muting is the way to go if you are not interested at all in the other categories. The other option we are exploring in a plugin is:

Based off: