File i/o in swift 5

Experience is in C and I have searched for info on file i/o in swift 5 and find nothing. Lots of old examples but so out of date can't be fixed. Is there docs on file i/o somewhere? Opening new files, appending existing files etc? I don't mind reading, just can't find anything to read.

Firstly - you have access to C APIs by importing Glibc (on linux) or Darwin (on apple OSes), so if you just want to get up and running with APIs you know, you can do that.

Secondly - these kinds of things are intentionally left out of the standard library, and instead Foundation provides things like I/O primitives and networking which work on all platforms Swift supports (and Windows). That's the better way. So you might want to have a look at its documentation to get a feel for everything it contains. Check out the links below.

There are lots of things that deal with files. FileHandle is the lowest level, POSIX-y interface, but Data also has init(contentsOf: URL, options: DataReadingOptions) which can memory-map if appropriate.

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Thanks Karl, in all my searching never went down the right trail...back in the 80's I had all the Inside Macintosh Volumes. Then no programming for years, now just for fun.

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