February 1st, 2023

Action Items

  • :a: Server API Docs from @FranzBusch - WIP
  • SSWG projects - all projects have been checked for Swift Concurrency
  • :a: - Graphiti and GraphQL need new docs - @ktoso to reach out, generally everything is in good shape
  • :a: - @FranzBusch to make gaps in ecosystem post public
  • @ktoso says we should spin it into next areas of interest, especially with GSOC coming up
  • Cassandra review thread posted
  • @davmoser - all AWS samples are using async samples - blog post coming. :a: to write post
  • @graskind :a: finish updating swift evolution for property wrappers in protocols - carry over
  • :a: Community survey - @tomerd carry over
  • :a: [carry over] @graskind SPM plugins for fluent 5
  • :a: [carry over] @tachyonics: set up middleware meeting
  • :a: [carry over] @0xTim to investigate slim containers based on Canonical's work
  • :a: [carry over] @tomerd to ask Saleem if he's interested in attending a meeting
  • Swiftly - executables building on Ubuntu, hitting issues on AL2. :a: @patrick still in progress to transfer to SSWG org and announce
  • SwiftPM support in Dependabot - waiting on support from GH - Swift Package Manager Support? Β· Issue #1245 Β· dependabot/dependabot-core Β· GitHub but we should be able to get this over the line. :a: @0xTim to chase up and see what can be done
  • :a: @tachyonics to post Meeting Notes: 4th January 2023


Going to add non-Apple members as mentors, process is still unclear

Projects still very much Swift focused - but no clear SSWG projects yet

  • Memcached is a popular one
  • Experience from last year - wrapping C libraries is possible but not the best experience. Ideally prefer Swift native code
  • [:a: - all] Revisit guidelines around wrapping C code and when it should be done and how to do it
  • Wrapping C document should not be owned by SSWG

Cassandra Client

  • Multiple teams inside Apple are using it
  • Nothing in the incubation process about stable API, only applies to graduated
  • Super majority vote to accept it as incubating :tada:

2023 Goals

  • Swift.org - Swift project in 2023 contains our goals which we’re happy with
  • Need to work out where tooling/compiler focuses fall between workgroups
  • @0xTim would like to see a focus on Sendable as well as Concurrency
  • :a: @ktoso to create a guide/PR on Swift.org for Sendable
  • Tim would also like to see more success stories for running Swift on server, including more blogs on Swift.org
  • :a: @jdmcd to put together a pitch for blog
  • Get tracing to 1.0
  • :a: @FranzBusch and @0xTim write 2022 Review Post

Updating Guidelines


Swift Open Source Slack will be renamed from swift-server.slack.com to swift-open-source.slack.com

No plans for Vapor to move to Slack/Swift Open Source