Failing Tests while Compiling Swift on Xcode 12 with MacOS Big Sur Beta


unfortunately the snippets of output you pasted don't reveal much of the cause of failure. Any chance you can dig a bit further and find the real reason for the failure?

Maybe passing --verbose-build to the build-script might help.

Maybe you have already tried this but usually what helps for me is to make sure to run an update checkout and after that build with --clean to remove any outdated CMake and build files.
Maybe that can help :)

So I ran --verbose-build and I got multiple outputs with exit code 1 and 2. I have made a gist for the output I think is relevant in my case here:

When you have time to look, let me know if you want to look at something particular and/or want me to do something else to debug this error.

Ya I am running --clean before every build.

I get what looks like the same failures when building on Linux with Ninja building with Xcode:

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