Extract Payload for enum cases having associated value

If this is an issue, it can be handled as we do elsewhere, by making it dependent on conforming to a protocol, like Equatable or Hashable

Re: beginner expectations, note that the changes I propose only impact payload enums. I doubt beginners are able use those at all.

Oops. Yes, that's a dose of reality. I suppose if I continue to advocate for my paradigm (wish I had a less annoying word than "paradigm", btw), I should switch to proposing it as an additional kind of datatype or feature, that is like, but not a replacement for, existing Swift enums. And that's unlikely to happen, because Swift is complicated enough, as it is :(

Okay, I'll stop derailing the thread now, and focus my efforts on coming up with a proposal that doesn't aim to replace enums, but rather adds an additional protocol and magic, along the lines of RawRepresentable.