Exclude Objective-C classes from the documentation

I am working on a framework that is written in both Obj-C and Swift. Due to this mixing, I have to expose (make public) a lot of internal classes.

Xcode can generate docs for this project without problems (Product -> Build Documentation). But I want to ignore some classes and not add them to the public API reference.

I've found that I can use @_documentation(visibility: ...) in Swift classes to remove them from the doc.

But how can I do the same with Obj-C classes?

The Objective-C symbol extraction is based on header visibility.

If your Objective-C symbols are defined in public headers for your framework they will be included in the documentation. If you change these headers to a "private" or "project" header visibility they won't be considered for documentation, but they are also no longer public API for your framework.

IIRC there's no per-symbol attribute to exclude a C/C++/Objective-C symbol from documentation but @daniel-grumberg would know more.

Unfortunately I can't change the visibility to "private" or "project" because they are used in the Swift classes of the same SDK and, as a result - should be public. So a lot of internal classes of the library appear in the docs.