Examples and getting started guides

I agree on the points 1 and 2, the lambda runtime repo should be easy to maintain.
On point 3, in addition to your proposal, we could also consider having an official common repo in which we can share working examples.
As you know I started with a Swift Lambda Runtime library called swift-sprinter in September last year and I separated the Examples from the package containing the runtime. In that repo I also added tests for each example so when swift updates the version or a package changes I can check that the integration between the example and the runtime still works. I added there integration with aws-sdk-swift, Redis, PostgreSQL. I realised that having a package for each example also helps to freeze the example to a working version. At the moment that repo uses my runtime, but it couldn't be difficult to update it with the official swift-aws-lambda-runtime, maybe it could be an inspiration for a common one.
I think that having good working official examples will speed up the adoption of Swift on server side, but having a common repo with Examples it will also help the third party SDKs developers to share common standards and best practices.