Everything connected - character wont move in app, please help

Good day Swift users. I really want Swift to take my money but with spending the best part of 12 hours of my life to try and get up and running, i can't seem to make it happen.

Below is an image i taken to show the sensors are working correctly apparently. It shows ANT + signal is also all working correctly. Yet, every time i go onto a course and start pedaling i am one of those poor noobs bunched at the side of the road watching everyone else go by hoping i will become like them one day. The character does not move.

I have a samsung A5 phone, i have reset the app on 3 occasions, uninstalled and reinstalled, using android app. If there is any other information you need please do not hesitate to ask. Appreciate any help and apolagies if i am being a complete noob here and it's something simple. Thank you.

You’re looking for help with the cycling app Zwift. This forum is about the programming language Swift. I guess you’ll get better result somewhere else.

My bad, not entirely sure how to take this down. I believe i have now posted in the correct catagory.

You may have better success here: https://support.zwift.com/

You posted this in an entirely wrong place. It is as if you wanted to travel to Japan but ended up in a sushi bar in France. ;)