Errors running hello app from getting-started

I have followed the steps to setup swift on windows, but I get the following error when trying to build the hello app from getting-started:

$>swift run Hello
'hello': error: invalidManifestFormat("<module-includes>:1:10: note: in file included from <module-includes>:1:\r\r\n#include \"AssertionReporting.h\"\r\r\n         ^\r\r\nC:\\Library\\Developer\\Platforms\\Windows.platform\\Developer\\SDKs\\Windows.sdk\\usr\\lib\\swift\\shims/AssertionReporting.h:16:10: note: in file included from C:\\Library\\Developer\\Platforms\\Windows.platform\\Developer\\SDKs\\Windows.sdk\\usr\\lib\\swift\\shims/AssertionReporting.h:16:\r\r\n#include \"SwiftStdint.h\"\r\r\n         ^\r\r\nC:\\Library\\Developer\\Platforms\\Windows.platform\\Developer\\SDKs\\Windows.sdk\\usr\\lib\\swift\\shims/SwiftStdint.h:28:10: error: \'stdint.h\' file not found\r\r\n#include <stdint.h>\r\r\n         ^\r\r\n<unknown>:0: error: could not build C module \'SwiftShims\'", diagnosticFile: nil)

I've read other people's problems here and tried the obvious things - made sure vs was installed first/ repaired via the app installer. Any ideas? I'm brand new to windows, so any idiotic user error in on the table :)


I actually found a solution after reading this thread:

It was a problem with having both VS 2022 and 2019 installed. Removing 2022 and reinstalling everything solved it.