Error using swift on Windows (installing)

Hello all!

I am trying to install Swift on my windows machine to play around with it. And i am using the official "Get started" guide on But when i come to the part to init a package i get the following error:
"error: unable to invoke subcommand: C:\Library\Developer\Toolchains\unknown-Asserts-development.xctoolchain\usr\bin\swift-package ()"

Does someone know what i am possibly missing or doing wrong? I installed all the needed and recommended components for visual studio. And also the toolchain.

Thanks in advance!

Hi K5-Tech. You're not doing anything wrong; Swift Package Manager is currently unavailable on Windows. From the blog post today:

Adding support for Windows to Swift is the beginning of a journey. The current support sets the first milestone where the language is usable. There is yet another even broader part of the ecosystem like lldb and the Swift Package Manager which still need more work to be as complete in their support for this different platform.

For compiling on Windows at the moment, your options are either to use command-line invocations or to use something like CMake (which does have built-in support for Swift on Windows in recent versions).

A okay thank you very much for the reply!
Then i will check that out ;)

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