Erroneous "self used before all store properties initialized" in SwiftUI construct?

Isn't this a bug?

class ConnectionWatcher : ObservableObject {
    static let shared = ConnectionWatcher()
    @Published var connected = false

struct ConnectedView: View {
    @ObservedObject var watcher = ConnectionWatcher.shared
    @Binding var connected: Bool

    init() {
        // compiler error here: ''self' used before all stored properties are initialized
        self._connected = $watcher.connected   

    var body: some View {
        Text(connected ? "Connected" : "Working offline")

The compiler is wrong, isn't it? Is there anything I can to initialize this the way I want to?

How the heck do I do this without requiring that someone above me pass in the binding to me?
(And no, I don't want to do an @EnvironmentObject).

init() {
  _connected = .constant(false)
  _connected = $watcher.connected

but I'd strongly suggest that you just use watcher.connected, and $watcher.connected.

Thanks. I’m glad to see how to do it, but I realized exactly as you said, that given that I am observing the entire instance, I don’t actually need a binding to connected. I’m going to rebuild the view anyway when the watcher object changes.

And as a PS I understand why the message isn’t erroneous now.

If you break it down to

init() {
    let rhs = self.$watcher.connected
    _connected = rhs

it becomes obvious the error message is correct.