Environment in model

Hi all,

I have an app which saves Locations into an array in my model. I then have a computed property on my model for calculating the active time. This depends on Date, which I am working to extract into the environment for testing purposes.

My question is this: How should I handle this? Should I convert the computed property into a function (Date) -> TimeInterval? If I do that, then I need to pass in the date whenever I want the active time. This would be fine, except that I have many other similar computed properties and even methods on my model which I call from within reducers, all of which depend on the environment. Should I start passing the environment in to my model on init? Is that an anti pattern? Or should I get rid of all these methods on my model and simply perform the mutations directly within my reducer?

Thanks for the help everyone!


Without knowing your full code structure, this sounds like an obvious use case for a reducer! think of reducers as the models where all the business logic go and the state the transportation layer between the views and the immutable data!

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