Enumerations : Quick Reference Guide

I created a Quick Reference Guide, a one pager, for Swift Enumerations.

While doing so, I also came across some questionable things.

I followed the coloring exactly as in the source document.

A few questions regarding the coloring:

Why is “Character” colored BLUEISH-PURPLE while “Int” is usually colored DARK-TEAL? (Aren’t they both basic data types?)

Why is “Int” sometimes colored DARK-TEAL and sometimes colored BLUEISH-PURPLE?

Why is “ArithmeticExpression” sometimes colored DARK-TEAL, and sometimes colored BLUEISH-PURPLE?

Did I find some places where the proofreader missed?

Where are the term coloring categories keyed and defined please?

And do you see any discrepancies with the coloring system on this page?

Source doc with mysterious coloring issues :


Thank you for your time and attention.



In answer to your questions re: colouring, the colours are from Xcode, not from the Swift langugage. The particular things you are seeing are as Xcode colours definitions in a particular way, to highlight all the parts, distinguish e.g. parameter names from their labels (which can be very similar). The colours for when they are used as values are different. It's clearer perhaps when you are looking at larger blocks of code.

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