@dynamicMemberLookup get keyPath of chained properties

Hey everyone,

I'm playing around with @dynamicMemberLookup and noticed that the keyPath given to subscript(dynamicMember:) includes only the path to the first property if multiple fields are chained together.
E.g. proxy.first.second is transformed to proxy[dynamicMember: \.first].second but I would like it to be transformed to proxy[dynamicMember: \.first.second]

Code example
struct Proxy<Value> {
    var value: Value
    subscript<Field>(dynamicMember keyPath: KeyPath<Value, Field>) -> Field {
        get {
            let field = value[keyPath: keyPath]
            return field
struct A {
    var first: B
struct B {
    var second: Int

let proxy = Proxy(value: A(first: B(second: 1)))
_ = proxy.first.second

this prints

B(second: 1)

But I would like to capture the full keyPath and it should print


Is this somehow possible today with @dynamicMemberLookup?


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