@dynamicCallable struct with mutating func, compiler bug?

Looking at the new (Swift 5) @dynamicCallable feature, I was a bit surprised by this:

struct Foo {
    var x: Int
    init() { self.x = 0 }
    mutating func dynamicallyCall(withArguments args: [Int]) {
        x += args.reduce(0, +)

func test() {
    var foo = Foo()
    foo.dynamicallyCall(withArguments: [1, 2, 3]) // prints 6
    foo(1, 2, 3) // ERROR: Cannot call value of non-function type 'Foo'

The error says that Foo is a non-function type, but if so I would expect an error at the definition of Foo.

Is my mutating func intended to be accepted as a valid dynamicallyCall(withArguments:) func or not?


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