Drop oldest Ubuntu for 5.5 and add 21.04?

There’s a new Ubuntu release out (21.04) - would probably be reasonable to move forward and drop the oldest Ubuntu version supported and add that for CI and more importantly the release packages. It’s unclear to me how / who / what is needed to change this, but it seems like a reasonable thing to do yearly at least?


Yes, agreed. @tomerd is likely the best person to drive this forward.


16.04 just fell out of its general support window so it would make sense to stop supporting it. For 21.04, it isn't a LTS (Long Term Support) release which seems to be what is supported in terms of release packages (for instance 20.10 doesn't have a release).

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Thanks @tachyonics , that is fair enough, the next LTS is 22.04 then.

But maybe it might make sense to have support for 'the latest' too, but drop and move on as soon as the next release ships? It would be good for developers who want to be able to have support for fresh hardware, new kernel technologies (like io_uring) etc.

What I would propose is then, to support the LTS releases that Canonical supports (i.e. drop 16.04 now) + add support for the 'latest' at all time for the 'next' Swift release.

So for Swift 5.5, that would mean 21.04 now as its the current latest.

Then if Swift 5.6 is due e.g. early next year, it would support 21.10 (but drop support for 21.04 as 21.04 isn't an LTS) which would drop before Swift 5.6 is cut. Etc.

Basically this would be giving devs access to a packaged version for the latest distribution which is rolling forward in tandem with Swift releases.

We are looking into dropping support for Ubuntu 16.04, I sent an email to the core team. I will provide more information once I hear back from them.


Drop support for Ubuntu 16.04 for main and release/5.5 branch, and start supporting Ubuntu 21.04 for main and release/5.5 branch.

The pull request testing infrastructure will move from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 on ci.swift.org.

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