Download Video From URL and download in app files(not save photo library)

Hi everyone, i want to download video from url and save app files. Important point that video mustn't save in library. User shows video only on my app. I found some download video tutorial however they teaches download in library i don't want this. I need your helps or hits.

Have good a day.

I’m presuming you’re targeting iOS here. In that case, there’s two basic strategies you might use:

  • If the video is a single file, you can download it using URLSession. As videos are typically large, you’ll want to use a background session so that the download can continue while your app is in the background.

  • If this is an HTTP Live Streaming video, you’ll want to look at AVAssetDownloadTask.

As none of this is directly related to Swift the language, my recommendation is that you post your follow-up questions on DevForums. Specifically:

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

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