Don't see any deprecation warning, due to "deprecated: 100000.0"? What's the rationale for marking it this way?!

I was wondering why I don't see any deprecation warning in Xcode 12 even thought I know for sure there are deprecated calls in my code. One case is:

@available(iOS, introduced: 13.0, deprecated: 100000.0, message: "Use navigationTitle(_:) with navigationBarTitleDisplayMode(_:)")
@available(OSX, unavailable)
@available(tvOS, unavailable)
@available(watchOS, unavailable)
public func navigationBarTitle(_ titleKey: LocalizedStringKey, displayMode: NavigationBarItem.TitleDisplayMode) -> some View

So it appears "deprecated: 100000.0" is why I am not seeing any warning. This mean it's deprecated in version 100000.0?!

What is the reason for marking it "deprecated: 100000.0"?

The doc shows it's deprecated:

Is there anyway I can force Xcode to warning me now?

I posted this same question here:

Apple (and the Swift project) uses available: 9999 and deprecated: 10000 to indicate availablility for future (unannounced) versions of OSes or Swift. It's likely they just haven't gotten around to properly updating the annotation for the now-announced iOS 14. You can report a bug but hopefully they have an automated checker for this stuff and the change just hasn't propagated to the betas yet.


deprecated: 10000 means "soft-deprecated", i.e. it's not deprecated now and will continue to function, but it's not recommended. It's the same value used in the API_TO_BE_DEPRECATED macro in availability.h.


Is there anyway to make Xcode show warning of these deprecated call? My Xcode 12 project deployment target is iOS 14. I want to see deprecation warning.

As of now, I don't see any warning.

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One temporary, mediocre solution I found was to open the Xcode project file (e.g. MyProject.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj) in a text editor and replace IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET = 14.0; by IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET = 100000.0; You'll get a lot of errors when you open the project in Xcode again (tested with Xcode 13.0) but also the deprecation warnings for the open SwiftUI files in the Xcode editor.

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