Does thread safety imply Sendable? (especially for a SwiftUI `@State`)

Hey, I have a question about Sendable. I'm not sure if this is too SwiftUI-specific.

According to Apple's documentation, @State is thread safe. But it is not Sendable. I'm not sure I understand the difference between those two concepts. Shouldn't something that's thread safe also be Sendable? Or am I missing something?

The reason I'm asking is because I have a custom property wrapper that contains a @State, but with full Concurrency checking enabled, I get a warning every time I try to pass an instance of it into a Task:

struct MyType: DynamicProperty {
    @State var isActive: Bool? = nil

    public var wrappedValue: Self {


struct MyContentView: View {
    @MyType var testState

    var body: some View {

    func test() {
        Task {
           // Warning: Capture of 'self' with non-sendable type 'MyContentView' in a `@Sendable` closure 
           let tes1t = testState

Would it be safe to mark MyType as @unchecked Sendable? Or does this depend on internal implementation logic of @State, which only Apple has?

Thanks for any help! :)

Property wrappers can't currently conform to Sendable properly, the compiler doesn't add the conformance to the synthesized internal properties, like _wrappedValue. I'm also not sure it would play well with DynamicProperty either. In general, you really don't want to perform async work from your SwiftUI views.

Ah okay, that makes sense.

Thank you :)