Does swift work on opensuse

Does swift only work on ubuntu or does it also work on opensuse?

Do you mean the binaries you can download? I am not sure if they will work on openSUSE, but I am sure you can build it for openSUSE. There are some little outdated packages already, they could be used as a good start:

I am not using linux on my workstation any more, otherwise I would probably package it myself. Plus split into runtime libraries and dev tools would be nice.

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Yes the binaries you download from I downloaded the one that said Ubuntu 18.04. Which is Swift 4.2.3. Any suggestions on how I would be able to do that. I have never done the package and split into libraries and dev tool like you were talking about.

I was reading the documentation on on how to do it. Looks like a lot of work but I'm going to give it a shot.

I actually meant splitting the RPM that is provided for openSUSE :smiley:

Easy way would probably be just contribute an update for existing swift4 package, using obs is quite easy, you can fork the project that I've linked above, attach newer sources and change the version on line 18:

That should be enough to have both dev and runtime libraries on your local machine and being able to experiment with Swift on linux.

What I meant by splitting, if you want to redistribute your application but without the development and compiler libraries, the spec above can be changed into multi-package spec, this one is quite good example:

on lines 71 and 123 you can see instructions specific to package dev files, so then the main files block will include only *.so files from Swift runtime, while dev package will include the rest.

To save me some work so i don't have to spend so long trying to get it to work. I just switched back to windows 10 and I'm using the windows subsystem for Linux to be able to use swift and vapor.