Documenting support for C++ interoperability

Hi @cxx-interop-workgroup ,

I would like to start a conversation about documenting C++ interoperability on the Swift website. We would like to provide a comprehensive guide document that describes how to mix Swift and C++ code.
I have created an initial PR here with a skeleton documentation page here:

I am going to add the topic of documentation to our next agenda discussion for the next sync-up meeting, which I'm going to send out an invite for over the next few days. In the meantime, if you have specific suggestions, ideas or thoughts about documentation please post them here or on the github PR.


@swift-website-workgroup ,

As you might have seen, I have put up an initial PR for documenting Swift and C++ interoperability here . We will post a more detailed proposal for how the C++ interoperability documentation will look like, and what contents we are planning to put on this page once we reach a consensus about the initial design for the documentation within the @cxx-interop-workgroup. In the meantime, if you have specific feedback you would like to provide feel free to post it on this thread or on the github PR!


Thanks a lot, @Alex_L -- this is very helpful.

Besides that it didn't compile in Xcode (most likely because it was an SPM, I hope this will be sorted out by the time 5.9 is published), I had most of the problems converting between STL-datatypes and Swift-native datatypes, perhaps a dedicated section for that would be good.

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