Document where to report bugs / suggestions

As GitHub Issues is not turned on for the swift-format repository, thus currently it's unclear where to report bugs, change requests or ideas for new formatting/linting rules. I think it is important for the success of any community CLI/library to have a clear feedback channel, which is (as I understand) this very forum. Therefore I think we should add a very visible hint to this forum for reporting any kind of feedback and discuss it.

It is an integral part of the Swift project (and toolchain too, once integration is complete). Bugs go at Feature development belong here on the forums.

The last official word I recall was the following, which indicates that discussions about engineering improvements belong in the Development category, (which is where they have been happening). Discussion about the style guide itself has never really resumed that I know of. I think that is because the team has so far been focused on integration and performance instead. When it does pick up again, it sounds like it will be a matter for the evolution process (pitch → proposal → review).

I suspect the team would be likely to accept a pull request that adds an adaptation of the Support section from the SwiftPM repository.

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