DLVM: Swift-based machine learning compiler and DSLs

Hi swift-users,

I’m sharing a project I created in academia. DLVM is a modern compiler infrastructure for deep learning systems, inspired obviously by LLVM and SIL. DLVM has a linear algebra IR, automatic differentiation, domain-specific optimizations and a CPU/GPU code generator. NNKit, a staged linear algebra DSL embedded in Swift (described in the paper), targets DLVM for optimizations and code generation.

The project is written entirely in Swift!

Here are some related publications:
1. DLVM: A modern compiler framework for neural network DSLs
    - Will be presented at the ML Systems Workshop at NIPS 2017
2. DLVM: A modern compiler infrastructure for deep learning systems
    - Pre-print: https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.03016

For more information, please visit:
http://dlvm.org <http://dlvm.org/>