[Discussion] MongoDB Swift driver

I see the PR was merged. Just for our own planning purposes around approximately when we will release, etc. I have some process related questions that maybe you or anyone else in SSWG can answer (apologies if these answers are documented somewhere, but I don't see it mentioned in the incubation process description) -

  • Should edits we want to make to the proposal going forward (e.g. incorporating the switch to using an EventLoopGroupProvider) just be opened as PRs?
  • I know there is usually a second [Feedback] thread containing an edited proposal, at what point do we move onto that thread?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I won't speak for the SSWG, but historically the proposal docs are "products of their time". For example, the Redis proposal no longer reflects the current state of the library's API.

However, seeing as this proposal hasn't reached the feedback thread yet, I would say you could just open a PR with edits, if you want to improve the document before that thread begins.

Again, historically this has been when the author feels that they have adequately responded to feedback and left enough time for people to voice their concerns.

the proposal in https://github.com/swift-server/sswg/tree/master/proposals does not need to reflect API changes after the proposal is excepted, but it does need to reflect the state of the proposal prior to the SSWG reviewing it. in other words, as you prepare the [Feedback] thread, if the proposal has materially changed you want to submit a PR into https://github.com/swift-server/sswg/tree/master/proposals to reflect that, and the same at the end of the feedback period which is normally 2 weeks after the [Feedback] thread was posted.

related, I am about to suggest to the SSWG a small procedural change such that the [Feedback] thread will be just a "call for action" with link to the updated proposal text in https://github.com/swift-server/sswg/tree/master/proposals.

@Mordil answer above is a correct. to add, if you feel you have not received enough useful feedback you can call out specific questions, tradeoffs or design dilemma you want the community to chime in on.

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