[Discussion] mailing list alternative

I believe it will be prettyhard to find a solution that fits everyone’s workflow and habits considering the size of the community.
The chance we have is that communication systems tends to be very flexible nowadays.

Can we imagine some way to have multiple supports integrated ?
I can see tools like Zapier (Explore All Apps | Zapier), that promises to integrate discourse and email.
Maybe we could have something that would:
- use a system like discourse to store and organise threads, provide a web access ;
- make it possible to register to receive posts by mail, or digests ;
- make it possible to post answers by mail ;

Maybe that would require some custom development, but most probably not very complex ones.
Maybe we could use that to “normalise” in some way the mails, like for exemple avoid having all the history of the discussion in a post (this makes mailman’s digest quite painful to read on a small screen like a phone :-) ).