[Discussion] A Problem With SE-0025?

Forgive me for creating a new thread, I don't know how to reply to an
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There are two reasonable options here:

1. Allow both `private` and `fileprivate` at file scope despite the fact

that they have the same meaning. This is more consistent in the sense that
we are not introducing a special case that arbitrarily prohibits an
otherwise valid access modifier. It also means that nothing needs to
change for top level `private` declarations in existing code.

2. Prohibit `private` at file scope. Given that it appears as if the

behavior of `private` at file scope may not be intuitive and is equivalent
to `fileprivate` it might be reasonable to just disallow it. This would
result in more consistent *code* (even if there needs to be a special case
in the language).

I don’t have a strong opinion on which option we choose. But I do feel

strongly that the semantics of `private` need to properly respect the scope
in which the keyword is written and into which the associated declaration
is introduced (rather than the scope *inside* the declaration it is
attached to).

The way we are defining those makes `fileprivate` closer to `internal` than
to `private`:

* `fileprivate` and `internal` have a predefined scope level (the file, the

* `private` has a scope level depending on where it is declared

It would be more consistent to:

a) either rename `fileprivate` to `fileinternal`

b) either scoping `internal` keyword explicitly with a naming like
`internal(module)`, `internal(file)`

With this in mind, I wouldn't choose solution 2 from *Matthew* (prohibiting
`private` at some scope level), I would choose solution 1, with room for
renaming `fileinternal` in the future.

-- Antoine Cœur


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