Determining what protocols a type conforms to

Is there any way to get a complete list of what protocols a type conforms to?

In this case, I'm exploring the standard library to get a better understanding of the various protocols involved.

I know I can click through declarations in Xcode, which I've been doing so far, but there's no guarantee I haven't missed a protocol added in an extension somewhere.

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You should be able to find this in the API documentation. For example (for Array):

Thank you for that pointer. Of course, that assumes the documentation is guaranteed to be correct. If that is true because the documentation is automatically generated to be correct for a given version of the Swift standard library, what mechanism is used to generate that list of protocols?

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This sort of information used to be easily found on, which was created by Nate Cook (@nnnnnnnn). However, that website has not been updated since Swift 3.1.

Personally, I think it would be fantastic if the official Swift project were to host a similar webpage with autogenerated documentation. The visual protocol hierarchies are especially useful, as is being able to see all the members of a type on one page.

Furthermore, the official Apple-hosted documentation does not specify the constraints on extension methods. For example, MutableCollection.sort is only available where Self: RandomAccessCollection, but the documentation never mentions that requirement.


I'd also like to know how to access / generate such info.

Yes, that part of the documentation is generated automatically, so it should always be current.

Unfortunately, I don't know how the tools behind query that information.