Deploying A Vapor Server To Linux

I created a vapor project and tried for some time to deploy it on an Ubuntu server. I was never able to get it running on Ubuntu. I opted for a mac server and was able to deploy the vapor project successfully. The other day I came across this forum and found this comment on a thread:

"You can't use Accelerate or any Apple framework other than Foundation, XCTest and Dispatch in Docker or Linux. So if you want to use those you'll need to stick to macOS (including for deployment)"

Can anyone help me confirm if this is true? Can a vapor server only be run on a macOS server?

Vapor runs beautifully on a variety of flavors of linux, there’s no issue there. The comment you’re referencing is talking about API and frameworks that are specific to Apple’s platform - so if you use those in your Vapor app, it will be constrained, as they are not available on Linux. (Accelerate, Combine, etc)