Deeplinking to last child in 3 level nested flow in 100% swiftUI project

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Of course, like everyone, I'm still figuring out SwiftUI, but could you use state to drive things directly to level 3?

imagine level 1 is a view where the user selects a country, and level 2 is where the user selects a state/region. You could navigate to level 2 when selectedCountry != nil, and then route to level 3 when selectedRegion != nil. (using a navigationLink initializer with an isActive binding like this). Once this is set up, you could jump to level 3 by setting both selectedCountry and selectedRegion

Similarly, I think you could use isActive binding to tie the navigationLink to a coordinator. The coordinator could be a bindableObject or environment object that you bind isActive too.

Unfortunately I haven't done anything like this on my own, and I think they may depend on changes in beta 5 that I haven't had time to play with yet, so I'm sorry if I'm way off!

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