Decoding Huge JSON Array URL using swift

I'm trying to decode data from this massive JSON Array https://************** /countries I've had luck decoding by country or using the total stat worldwide https://********* by doing the following


Probably you first want to update your JSONTest struct to include the country:

struct JSONTest: Decodable {
    let country: String
    let cases: Double
    let deaths: Float
    let recovered: Int?

The JSON for all the countries is an array of JSONTest objects, therefore you need to decode it as such:

let countries = try JSONDecoder().decode([JSONTest].self, from: data)

You can then use the countries array to update your UI.

Thanks but I want for all countries not just one, I solved it by making one class for every country , about 190 classes and 190 uiview controllers xD I know this is dumb but the reason is that I'm new to programing in general