December 15th, 2020 Special Update

Since it's 2018 launch, the Swift Server Workgroup focused on building out a robust server ecosystem,
and has incubated significant projects that power production server systems.

Members of the SSWG are elected for a two year tenure. Over the last two years Johannes Weiss (@weissi), Logan Wright (@loganwright), Tanner Nelson (@tanner0101), and Tom Doron (@tomerd) have been instrumental in providing direction and leadership to the server community. With their tenure ending, we would like to announce the following changes to the SSWG:

Logan and Tanner are departing from their formal role as workgroup members, making room for new voices and perspectives. Johannes will continue to serve a second term, while Tom will continue to participate and work closely with the workgroup in his capacity as Swift Core Team member.

To help support future efforts, the following members of the community joined the workgroup on December 9th, 2020:

Gwynne Raskind (@gwynne ):
Gwynne is a former senior software engineer at Microsoft and Apple, and currently serves as Skelpo's director of engineering and as a member of Vapor's core leadership team. Gwynne brings experience in a wide range of technologies on a variety of platforms, and has made major contributions to the MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers in Vapor 3 and 4, as well as the new Windows support in Swift 5.3 and Swift's prebuilt Docker images.

Konrad Malawski (@ktoso):
Konrad is a senior engineer in Apple’s Swift team, with focus on distributed systems and concurrency. He brings experience building http servers, distributed systems / actor runtimes, as well as instrumenting them with metrics and distributed tracing. He is also actively involved in Swift’s Concurrency / Actors story, and helps bridge the needs and use cases of server-side developers to language features and vice versa.

Tim Condon (@0xTim):
Tim recently joined the Vapor core team but has been involved with Vapor since the very early days including writing a book with the original core team!
He runs a consultancy company focused on server-side Swift and is the server-side Swift team lead at He’s an active member of the community, speaking at conferences and organising a number of meet-ups. He’s also one of the co-organisers of ServerSide.swift - the server-side Swift conference.


Congrats Tim, Gwyne, and Konrad we’re lucky to have you all on the SSWG!!


Thanks! Looking forward to working with the great people in the SSWG and entire ecosystem to get the ecosystem even more awesome :slight_smile:


Good job!


Congratulations to you all!


Congratulations - and thanks a lot for the effort to both former and new members of the group!


Congrats to all of you!




:clap: to all and thanks Logan and Tanner!


Congratulations to the new team members and thank you to Tanner and Logan!

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