Debugging warning with incompatible triples

I'm investigating an issue with iOS simulators. Frequently when I attempt to run a debugger (view, memory graph, some breakpoints or pausing the simulator), I'm presented with this warning.

warning: Module "/usr/lib/system/libsystem_kernel.dylib" uses 
triple "x86_64-apple-macosx14.0.0", which is not compatible
with the target triple "x86_64-apple-ios14.0.0-simulator".
Enabling per-module Swift scratch context.

I'm not sure which build settings in Xcode (or something else) could be cause this warning. I suspect it's macOS Deployment Target, but I'm not sure how to resolve the issue currently.

Does anyone know how to resolve this warning?


I had the same issue since using Xcode 14.n.n and kept on Xcode 15.n.n while trying to use the view debugger:

 ... which is not compatible
with the target triple "**x86_64-apple-ios15.0.0-simulator**"...

After more research, I stumbled upon a 'Disable the address sanitizer' comment

Edit Scheme > Run > Diagnostics > Runtime Sanitation

But I found that address sanitizer is disabled by default, and playing around with the scheme did not work either.

So, what I can share is how I solved it on my particular case, because was related to how I wrote a class of my application.

The issue was that I was providing a default value for a stored property at the top level of one the classes used on a particular view, that depended on another instance property.

final class MyClass { 

   private var audioPlayer: AVAudioPlayer = AVAudioPlayer()

class TheClassThatHoldMyClass {

     var myClass: MyClass

     init() {
         myClass = MyClass()

public struct  TheView: View {

     var theClassThatHoldMyClass: TheClassThatHoldMyClass

and I solved it by initializing the property on the class initializer:

final class MyClass { 

  private var audioPlayer: AVAudioPlayer?

  init() {
      audioPlayer = AVAudioPlayer()

After that, warning disappeared and the View Debugger worked again; I know this does not generalize but maybe will help someone, I struggled with this for a long time.

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