Debugging - Variable Values not displayed

(Kimaya Desai) #1

On debugging, variable window values are not being displayed. I tried printing the values by po variable_name.
I get a warning & error

warning: Swift error in module module_name: error: missing required module 'Firebase'
Debug info from this module will be unavailable in the debugger
error: expression failed to parse, unknown error

Added Firebase without cocoa pods. Double checked the documentation. Any inputs?

(Adrian Prantl) #2

Couple of questions to narrow this down: Are you using Xcode on a Mac? If yes, which version? Does it still reproduce when you download the latest Xcode beta from Would you be able to share a project that reproduces the problem on

(Kimaya Desai) #3

Yes! Xcode Version 10.0 Beta 2 on Mac High Sierra 10.13. The beta version did resolve the AST Context issue which I was formerly getting for the same project.

(Adrian Prantl) #4

Could you capture a types log from your debug session by putting

log enable -f /tmp/lldb-types-log.txt lldb types

into ~/.lldbinit-Xcode?

If you can share a reproducer with us, that would be even better of course.

(Kimaya Desai) #5

On further exploration, FirebaseMessaging frameworks & FirebaseAnalytics framework is breaking the debugger.

(Sam Murphy) #6

kimaya99, did you ever find a solution for this issue?