Debian packages of Swift toolchain for Ubuntu 18.04


Prebuilt binaries are often cited as a problem for getting started with Swift. I had previously announced MSIs for the Windows toolchain. Thanks to the gracious donation of some hardware from FlowKey, we have had prebuilt toolchains for Ubuntu 18.04. I finally got around to actually building packages for the toolchain, so managing the toolchain is pretty easy now with a deb package that you can install and uninstall at will.

I am hoping to package up the Swift SDK for android and Linux as well. I hope that this will help reduce the barrier to entry for people to start using Swift on Linux.

The builds are at Azure and will be linked from the GitHub repository as well. Patches to improve the packaging or the builds welcome :slight_smile:

Again, thank you so much to the generous donation of the machine from FlowKey that powers the Linux builds!



Great job @compnerd! Keep up the great work. :+1: