Dead or Non-existant projects

There are a number of community projects that haven't had discussion in more than a couple of years, such as SourceKitten, SwiftProtobuf, SwiftLint, etc. which also seems to have stalled in their development. Others, such as Suit and Stride seem to be lacking any evidence of development at all.

Is there a process for pruning the moribund or dead project boards?


Swift Protobuf isn’t dead: last released 4 days ago. SwiftLint isn’t dead either, last released on the 15th of March and last committed to 5 days ago. So certainly neither of those should be pruned away.

I’m not opposed to pruning the list, but at the same time, I’d generally rather keep them for organisational purposes and move them to a different section of the board. Data is cheap.


I wonder if we could encourage folks to announce releases on the forum, even if they are talking about development elsewhere. I, for one, enjoy seeing the markers of activity down there. Also, I can't be the only person who looked at that fora and thought the project were dead.

We haven't yet set any requirements for activity, but I agree it would be great if people did post releases and occasional updates.

As the list is growing, we're also interested in knowing how people find/access these categories, as we may want to find some way to organize the list. Would love to hear how you use/access these categories!

As for me, my habit is to start at the front page of and look down the left column looking for mentions of new messages. Once I've glanced at any new activity, I'll generally wander over to Evolution Pitches and catch up to the ideas I'm interested in, and then hit Using Swift to see if there's anything interesting or someone who I can help.

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