Customize Attribute

Is there gonna be a more efficient way or patch to create and manage the customized the @Attribute annotation in Swift? It will be more efficient to create server-side swift app with customize annotation.

You mean other than Property Wrappers?

I mean specifically more like the @Annotation & Reflection in Java. Property Wrapper behaves more like a pre-handler rather than an annotation.

As far as Reflection, I believe there is a plan to improve/augment what's already available. I can't speak to when that would happen.

AFAIK there aren't any active proposals to add Java-esque annotations per-se, and my of the use cases are/will be serviced in other ways. Some of these are accomplished with protocols and property wrappers. What I'm hoping for is the ability to add custom code synthesis similar to how Codable is synthesized.

Is there a specific use case you have that Swift doesn't support currently?

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