Custom Schemes and .debug()

What I did

I have created a new project from scratch.
I have copied the Debug configuration and created two new configurations, one called Dev and another called Staging.
I haven't touched any of the swift compiler flags in any configuration (this means that the DEBUG flag is set in both Dev and Staging.
I created two new schemes on my project corresponding to each configuration.
I have also set the Build Configuration of each scheme accordingly.

What should happen

With Dev or Staging scheme selected when I call .debug() on my reducer, it should print on the console the state changes and the actions sent.

What happens

.debug() refuses to print anything on the console.

I have also tried to use #if DEBUG somewhere to print a message on my own, which, surprisingly, works as expected.

An example project can be found here in case anyone wants to reproduce it.


  • Xcode [Version 11.6 (11E708)]
  • Swift [5.2.2]
  • OS: [iOS 13.6]
  • CA version: 0.7.0

Any insight on what I might be doing wrong and how to fix this would be most welcome


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