Cryptography for the Swift ecosystem

It's a shame that Apple creates brand new CryptoKit, and excludes one of the most important Elliptic Curves, namely secp256k1, being used by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zilliqa, Radix DLT etc.

Also, they have not exposed any Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) methods such as Elliptic Curve Point (ECPoint) multiplication.

Also still only support for ECDSA signature scheme and not C.P. Schnorr signatures :(

Do you think it is some policy that Apple has decided upon, to not support secp256k1.

They do however support secp256r1 (used by NEO and Cardano I think, which is also known as NIST P256, which is a pretty bad name for it) in CryptoKit, just called P256.

With the rise in popularity of DLT projects and cryptocurrencies, I think Apple really should take responsibility here and help protect their users from incorrect Cryptography implementations by crypto hobby-enthusiasts like me.

Apple is not particularly friendly towards crypto-currencies. I doubt they considered this space at all when deciding which algorithms to support.

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