Creating IOS application for Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Hi, I have been working with the mobile application was creating the application which monitors the data from wireless temperature sensor from different cold storage containers available in restaurants, I have been using a wireless modem which is connected to ESP32 which supports BLE, I am looking for any sample example which help me to create the application which can easily connect to BLE device(Like ESP32).

Any kind of suggestion on this will be a great help.

The API you’re looking for is Core Bluetooth. This is an Apple-specific API, so you’ll need to look for Apple-specific resources. The Core Bluetooth Programming Guide is probably the best place to start.

There’s nothing Swift-specific about this API, so if you have follow-up questions it’s probably best to direct them to the Core OS > Bluetooth topic area on DevForums.

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

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I wonder if you still looking for the IOT based iOS application written in Swift which connects over BLE. I have worked several of them and if you can point specific issue I can help.

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