Create an os in swift

It is possible to write an operative system in swift(kernel, GUI...)?

I know that I have to use also a bit of assembly.

People have written operating systems in garbage collected languages like Go (Clive – Fran. J. Ballesteros) and OCaml (, so yes, you could write an operating system in Swift.

But how?

Do you already know how to write an operating system in another language, and you’re asking how to do it in Swift? If so, what are the specific areas you are having difficulty translating from another language into Swift?

Or are you asking how to write an operating system in the first place? If so, I suggest you start reading articles, books, and textbooks to teach yourself the principles.

I have problems in kernel and GUI

It is far beyond the scope of this forum to teach people how to write an OS kernel or a graphics stack.

That would be a pretty big topic, try looking at something like the University of Maryland's CMSC 412 class. If you can't enroll online, you could look at the syllabus and research those topics on your own. I have no special reason to believe that particular class and university is the best source of info, it is just the class I took way back if you find something else that resonates better, go for it.

@Dada07Tv you can check this repo, @spevans has written kernel using swift. May be you take this as starting point.

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But If I use this kernel as a basis, can I then ‘commercialise’ a non-open source OS with this kernel?

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